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Water They Thinking?

So apparently over 30 million bottles of water, that were delivered by FEMA, are sitting on a runway in Puerto Rico and have been rendered useless. This is just another example of the insanity that is U.S. Politics. My favorite thing about this story though is that it was only blasted out in the media after Trump called his response during the hurricane in Puerto Rico a success.  

Stacks upon stacks of bottled water sit near a runway in Ceiba, Puerto Rico, on September 12, 2018. Photo Courtesy of CBS News

My intention is in no way to argue that the response in Puerto Rico was a success however, I would like to address a few simple questions these assertions arouse. How is this being used by the media to imply lack of response by the Trump Administration. Clearly this shows a huge miscommunication of some kind on the part of everyone but this is being flaunted as a rebuttal to the response of Trumps Administration. I believe this shows a lack of action at a much lower level. The water is there. Was Donald Trump supposed to hand deliver it to the people. If people are dying with nothing to drink well how far is this water? Why can’t people just start grabbing these cases of water themselves. 

What I loved most about watching this story develop is that eventually everyone must have been internally asking themselves those very same questions.  Soon the story began to read that it was “bad” water. Even implying that FEMA delivered “bad” water. What? Are you people insane. I don’t know what the story behind this water is but I can guarantee you that it wasn’t delivered “bad”. I also think that this raises more questions about what is going on at the local level during the recovery process in Puerto Rico. 

If you choose not to be emotionally swayed to form your opinion on this story then lets gather the facts. The water was delivered and was never dispersed. It has been there long enough to go “bad”. I’m assuming there are many factors that could lead the water to go bad, perhaps thats why it looks like they were originally covered by tarps. So even if they weren’t there that long before they went bad then that’s still something that was out of the hands of those that delivered the resources. Now lets watch Trump play paper towel basketball.

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