Basic Covfefe

Meddling With An Erection!


“The truth behind the search for collusion”

So we are all still waiting on the Mueller report. The original witch hunt was going to uncover how Donald Trump had colluded with Russia and his best friend Vladimir Putin to undermine the our democracy and the 2016 Presidential Election. Or as i call it “Total Bullshit”!

What we have learned are things that we already knew. Donald Trump had sex with Porn Star Stormy Daniels and he paid her $130,000 dollars to shut her fucking mouth. Trump also had Stormy Daniels sign a Non-Disclosure agreement upon acceptance of the payout. If you don’t know what a Non-Disclosure Agreement is. It is when you make some sign a form saying that if they don’t shut the fuck up about what they took part in then they are in deep shit.

What is so funny to me about this search for collusion is that the Liberals are allowing themselves to believe that Stormy Daniels being paid to shut up is somehow Russian Collusion. Basically Stormy threatened to break the story and Trump’s people paid her to shut her mouth. I understand that this means that our president has undeniably paid a women for sex. The thing that Liberals can’t wrap their head around is that we don’t give a shit. All this showed me is that Donald Trump way overpaid for sex with a mediocre piece of ass. Personally I question his taste in women and his valuation of vagina before I question his loyalty to our great nation.

Now we can have a conversation about how this is immoral. You can debate me on how you feel that this is not the candidate that you would vote for. I understand and your vote was counted. You lost and everyone who voted for Trump knew he paid Stormy Daniels “the prostitute” for sex. Trump Supporters have long since accepted this fact. Don’t try and convince us that this is now somehow “Russian Collusion” or “meddling with an election”. If anyone is wrong here it’s Stormy Daniels. She received payment for sex and then blackmailed Trump while breaching her contractual agreement. Trump didn’t pay this women to save his run for president. He paid her so his wife didn’t have to find out about it.

I love when how the Liberal Media now pushes the narrative that he lied. He was asked, after Michael Cohen told the media that Trump knew about the payment, if he indeed did know. To this trump responded “No, I did not”. Of course he fucking lied about it. What human being would answer that question honestly publicly. When it comes to sexual misconduct everyone lies themselves into a corner. Seriously, who in their right mind would have said yes to that question. Jimmy Carter maybe but no one else. Clinton refused over and over again to admit what he did. He even tried to manipulate us to rethink what sex was. Was I shocked that he would lie to us. Hell no and who gives a rats ass. Who ever had a work ethic that reflected their sex life. Ive never said to myself “damn, Bill is great with numbers but I don’t want my accountant to be someone who cheated on his wife”. Who fucking cares!

Michael Cohen is going to jail because he committed fraud. He’s a lawyer and he knows the law. None of his crimes were committed with the intent of benefitting President Trump. He’s a criminal and now he is doing anything he can to get even the slightest bit of slack before they deliver him his sentence. There is no collusion. Trump is still your president and the way things are falling in place. He may just get re-elected. Until then “Get Over Yourself America”!



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