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Kanye Loves A Big Trumper!

The Beautiful Bromance of  Kanye West and Donald J. Trump

Kanye and Trump have a bromance, so what? I get it, I get it. Kanye is lost on Planet Kardashian. His rant at the White House was difficult to follow among other things but he is an artist. He makes music or poetry for that matter. Poets are artist in the unique and ingenious ways they convey their messages. When he was just a hip hop artist, we would dissect his lyrics and find abstract meanings and messages and describe is poetry as genius. Now that Kanye wears a Red Hat and shares an opposing political view, he’s mentally ill. Even though I could sit here and pick through some of what he said and point out some intelligent points, I really don’t care what he said. I don’t care that he sounded insane and I don’t care what his politics are. This is what is wrong with our society. We put way to much into our celebrities and other notable figures in the media. It’s like we want to know that it is ok to like the things we like. Its as if your a teenager and the cool kid at school wears his hat sideways and that makes it cool. But what does that really say? That kid is an idiot and  He is gonna end up bagging groceries and peaking in High School but he sets the trend. Kanye and Taylor Swift are exactly that. The cool kids at school who set the trend. 

However there is something to follow in all this drama between Taylor Swift and Kanye West. It’s not there useless political opinions. What I’m following is the harsh treatment of Kanye and Trump and the Glorification of Taylor Swift. I wonder if Kanye was ranting about Bernie Sanders, Obama or Hillary, would he be presented differently on CNN. It’s funny how Democrats set the bar for Political Correctness until they have to break someone down. If any republican went on CNN and said that any black democrat was the result of “what happens when a negroe doesn’t learn to read” to quote CNN’s Bakari Sellers hypocrisy. He literally said that. Then everyone laughed. If you don’t think this is horrifying then you have tunnel vision. Watch this video below before reading the rest.

Have you watched it? Are you disgusted? Good then you are a human being and we can continue. This is what’s going on in this country at the moment. The media is like this bully that never has to be held accountable for anything! Don’t expect from others what you don’t expect from yourself. You pin corner people verbally by bringing emotions and feelings into everything. Making it almost impossible to debate an issue that involves race or sex but then you roast a minority who shares an opposing view like you were a bunch of Klansman on a 1950’s Alabama PBS show. Absolutely gross! You may have your base and they might follow you off a cliff but you will never gain the respect or the ear of an intelligent, free thinking citizen by acting like your shit has no smell. It is even more frustrating that on one hand they are telling the black artist to stay away from politics but embracing the beautiful blonde suburban prom queen and her political views. I took one thing from this. Trump is not a racist. I feel it is obvious that he embraces any minority who is willing to come to the table with him. The only groups that seem to be treated harsh by him are those that refuse to sit down with his administration and apply labels on him personally and from a distance. I’m not arguing that Kanye is right and Trump is great. I’m just pointing out the bias and hypocrisy of our media. Get Over Yourself America!!!

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