Basic Covfefe

Joe Biden Quits Politics To Host “C’Mon Man” For ESPN!

This may come as a Huuuge surprise to his opponent President Donald J. Trump and an even bigger surprise to the Left. However Joe Biden says “I know about roaches and kids jumping on my lap. And I love kids jumping on my lap”. Joe Biden has decided to drop his bid from the Democratic Party and opt out of the Presidential Election to pursue what he referred to as “a childhood dream”.

We sat down with Biden in an exclusive interview from his basement in Wilmington, Delaware. Where we found Joe in what he referred to as his “House Clothes”. He was dawning an old tattered bathrobe, slippers and tighty whities with his full name written in marker on the elastic waste band. He was “excited about the announcement” he said. He seemed eager to answer our questions. Joe began to reminisce about his time spent as a life guard and how him and Corn Pop would talk about roaches, kids jumping on his lap, rusty razors and more importantly, sports!

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