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Fat Chance: “Trump vs. Rosie O’Donnell”

This is by far one of my favorite topics when conversing with true Trump Haters. People have used the “he calls women fat pigs!” line on me numerous times, when pushing the narrative of sexist pig down my throat. This bullet is usually fired when a Trump supporter tries to argue that Trump is a sexist and masoginistic “fifties” guy. This is my favorite argument to have because it proves, in a nutshell, how people only repeat information without doing there own investigations. I ask these people one simple question and no one has yet to give me an answer other than “I actually don’t”. Why did he call Rosie a fat pig? I’m amazed at how everyone can tell me that he’s a piece of garbage because of what he said to Rosie O’donnel but yet it never concerned anyone where this whole thing culminated from. Well let me take you guys down memory lane.

In December of 2006, Donald Trump was deliberating with whoever the heck else oversees the Miss USA Pageant over what to do with present winner of the pageant after she tested positive for cocaine. Everyone, including Tara Connor herself, believed it was the end of the catwalk for Miss USA. (You like that end of the catwalk pun, don’t ya!)

However, Trump talked to Miss Connor and made a last minute decision to give her another chance. “What a nice guy”, right? Well this isn’t the #metoo era. (the video below is not a duplicate. It is Tara Connor’s heart wrenching thank you to Trump.)

I can’t remember what the majority opinion was about this at the time but by watching the next clip, it’s not hard to figure out how Rosie Odonnel felt. Rosie, a relatively new anchor on the view, mocked Trump for his decision to give her a second chance. Rosie also began to attack Tara personally. Honestly it’s gross the way she handles herself.

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